Flat screen printing defects analysis and solutions

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The printing of flat screens is ever-changing, and people have grouped them into several types. When they are finished, they are distinguished and named according to the phenomenon. In fact, there is very little recurrence of defects, and despite the same phe…


What is the difference between jacquard lining and printed lining

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What is the difference between jacquard lining and printed lining? There are many kinds of Rib's big world. According to the craft, there are plain linings, printed linings, jacquard linings, knitted linings and so on. There are many kinds of lining cloths ac…


What are the printed fabrics? What are the printed fabric manufacturers?

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The printed cloth is made by printing and dyeing with white cloth. It was very popular in the Tang and Song Dynasties and reached its peak during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Before the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Lingbao Dyeing Workshop w…


Circular screen printing fabrics can be what kind of patterns and patterns?

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Plastisol ink plastisol ink supplies,plastisol ink for sale,plastisol ink vs... The advantage of rotary screen printing is that it does not take back marks, the printing speed is fast (up to 90 meters/minute), the printing uniformity is high, the defectiv…


What is the meaning of active printing What are the advantages and disadvantages of active printing

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What is the meaning of active printing What are the advantages and disadvantages of active printing? What does the active printing mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages of active printing? Reactive printing is relative to pigment printing. Among th…


Development Prospects of Digital Jet Printing Technology for Textiles

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Digital printing is a combination of technology and art. Digital printing technology will lead the future of product development. Digital inkjet printing technology has accelerated the transformation of the traditional printing industry and provided technical…


How to print on leather Leather printing processing equipment

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How to print on leather? Leather printing processing equipment, leather printing can be roughly divided into three ways, different printing methods have different characteristics, the following details for everyone: First, dye printing. The advantage of th…


Finishing of flocking calico

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Plastisol ink plastisol ink supplies,plastisol ink for sale,plastisol ink vs... The finishing of flocking printed cloth, flocking printing after steaming, washing (such as water washing desizing is not clean, there will be the phenomenon of poor feel, e…


Screen Print India 2018 announces 49 Awards in 33 categories

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Ahead of the Screen Print India 2018, to be held at Bombay Exhibition and Convention Centre, Mumbai from 20 to 22 April 2018, the organisers have announced the winners of Screen Print India Awards 2018. The Awards will be handed over in a gala night during th…


Screen Frame Adhesive With High Quality

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Screen frame adhesive can fulfill customers' needs and are welded for great mesh adhesion. All corners are completely sealed to prevent ink from leaking. One side is specially prepared to make fabric adhesion fast and easy. Optional corner reinforcement is av…


Screen Printing Mesh Cloth Supplier

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We are?Screen Printing Mesh Cloth Supplier,if you need our products,we can supply to you. 1. Material: Polyester / Nylon 2. Benefits: ? ? With very high strength ? ? Wear resistance ? ? Smooth surface ? ? Elastic are quite good ? ? Mesh evenly distribu…


Tutorial:How to Screen Print With Plastisol Ink

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While many schools and clubs resort to printing shops for t-shirts, you don't have to. Printing t-shirts can be an outlet for creativity and personal expression as well as a fun way to spend some spare time. Whether for a recreational ball team, a work fundra…


Precautions for storage and storage of printing paste

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Color paste storage should pay attention to the following items: (1) The original paste and basic color paste to be used must be stored in a certain quantity, properly kept, and stored for a long period of time to prevent caking or reducing the composition o…


Two kinds of additives commonly used for direct printing of coatings

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The first additive: a mixture of agents. The coating itself does not have an affinity for the fibers and fixing agents must be used on the fibers. The diligence agent has a very important influence on the quality of the paint printing. In addition to the han…


Study on Performance of High Performance Waterborne Printing Coatings

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The core and shell pre-emulsifiers were prepared from methyl acrylate (MA), ethyl acrylate (EA), butyl acrylate (BA), epoxy resin and emulsifier respectively, and then core-shell structures were prepared by seed emulsion polymerization. Polymer emulsions. Emu…

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